Final Fantasy XIII is absolutely killing it

Lets be honest. I’m sick for Final Fantasy, the Japanese video game series which has been knocking about since the days of the NES in the 1980s.

Some of the nerdiest and inherently jpn’d out pieces of genius ever seen in vid games, the series routinely take 60+ hours to complete whilst simultaneously spawning thousands of Japanese wet dreams and ‘fan fiction’ thanks to the ridiculously innappropriate babes they whack in (see main character ‘Lightning’ above).

This installment is the first on the PS3, and is released on March 9 – needless to say I will be killing it like an alpha wolf.

First falling in love with the franchise when playing on a mates ps1, and later dedicating hundreds of hours to every ff from 7 onwards, its a release I look forward to every couple of years.

If you have a PS3, you’ll be battling as I vanquish fiends with my airship travelling buddy and acclaimed food critic, Alex Vitlin.

In short I’ll be killing it.



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2 responses to “Final Fantasy XIII is absolutely killing it

  1. You’re not alone; probably over a million of us will be “killing it” on March 9th… I’m going to be picking it up at midnight just to show my nerdhood. 🙂

    • James Wright

      Jake – we will all be absolutely smashing it.

      They should be handing out Phoenix downs with copies of the game so killing it has no implication.

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