Brendan Fevola is killing it?

It’s a fair question. Love or loathe the Lions’ big goal kicker, you objectively have to admire his moxie. Getting ridiculously loaded at the browlows and rocking the red carpet while belting a dozen crown lagers is easily the funniest thing I’ve ever seen – and I even watched caddyshack last night.

The poster child of sporting infidelity years before was even a glint in some LA douchebag’s eye, Fev locked down an extramarital tryst with what would become one of the highest profile woman in Australia. Even more killing it – he took photos of her in the shower.

I don’t admire his behaiour – kind’ve bad to cheat on your wife who you have 3 children with – but you have to admire his forsight.

You also have to say, if you’re going for a king of the arseholes and AFL badboy moniker, Brendan Fevola is totally killing it.


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One response to “Brendan Fevola is killing it?

  1. Rocco (C)

    Fev is looking like Eric Bana’s Hector in this snap. Bad ass, mother funking, Trojan full forward. Killing it.

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