Haters be damned: Pim Verbeek is killing it

After the Australian National Soccer team ground out a win against the might of Indonesia at Suncorp Stadium last night, you could almost hear the naysaying scratches of media pencils and click clack of haters all up in the interwebs bitching and moaning about the Socceroos under Pim – unimpressive in victory, even against some of the minnows of the international game.

Pim Verbeek is popping tags

Sure, this might be fair – we all long for the days of 16-0 victories over American Samoa and the like; we’re Australian, the more goals, the flashier play, innevitably the better – right?



1) Winningest Coach in Socceroo History

Forget Guus Hiddink and his 15 minutes of fame; likewise Terry Venables and his hares breath of a miss on qualifying for France 98 and particularly, screw Frank Farina and his drink driving approach to coaching. Pim beats them all; how you like him now?

2) Stronger International Competition is Around the Corner

Consider this – our possession domination against Indonesia was about the same as Frank Farina’s blood alcohol level – approximately 90%. When we play the likes of Germany and even Ghana and Serbia in the World Cup, our possession will be approaching the blood alcohol level of national darling and snowboarding mormon, Torah Bright – zero.

Pim has us playing out a specific set of scenarios – training his team to pick out a big man in the box (Indonesia). Training his team to play counter-attacking football (South Korea). Training his team to contain play in the middle and slow the pace of the midfield (Qatar). These are the skills we’ll require to beat th best in the world, and another reason why Pim is killing it.

3) Dutch Swagger

Pim is copping it from the media; the likes of Craig Foster and Robbie Slater who are still bitter they never had a World Cup, and in the case of Foster, a significant international career.

Pim has crooked teeth and a bald spot, and he acts like the don of a dutch five families crew. Guus was a cuddly dutch fluffer, but Pim is the alpha dog, the master of the universe, the big swinging dick of the socceroos.

Pim Verbeek is killing it – and y’all need to recognise because come a decent world cup performance, you will e smoking his pancake.


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One response to “Haters be damned: Pim Verbeek is killing it

  1. bongo424

    He’s not killing it! Guus Hiddink, there was a man who spent his life permanently slaughtering it. He got the team fit, he got them playing fast football, he got them running and running and running so hard off the ball. I hate to say it, but Pim is giving the team a defensive mindset, they’ll freeze on The World Stage, and we’ll all be disappointed. Guus back, Pim out!

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