Bushari is “kind’ve” killing it

Last night, I caught up with some old chums at a sushi restaurant in Potts Point called Bushari. I had never been to this place before, but am generally a little bit concerned at “higher end” sushi joints which manage to plate your $3.50 sushi roll in such a way that you’re happy to pay $15 for it.

Bushari - killing it food, but not killing it me paying for the privelidge of simplicity 

Well I guess the first point is, I had a great night – which is more thanks to the company than the restaurant. Second point is, the food was good, ya boy loves the sushi, so there shouldn’t be any problem with this review. Third point is, WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO PAY $50 FOR A BEER A GLASS OF WINE AND SUSHI ROLL.

I’m happy to pay for food – I’m one of Sydney’s best diners and am notoriously killing it on the Sydney eating scene (Neil Perry loll’d at one of my tweets once, juss sayin) – but when you plate up a soft shell crab roll, which I can literally get at Sushi on Stanley (the most baller sushi in the inner-east) for $4 and then send a $17 tab, I’m getting a little bit antsy. Bushari was nice (sashimi was fresh and excellent), the service was good, the decor reeked of “we’re going for a high-end izakaya decor so if you’ve ever been to Japan you’ll tell your friends it’s authentic” type ish, but I left feel a little bit empty – my soul and my stomach both

Food “kind’ve” killing it and value for money, not neccessarily killing it.


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