Kathryn Bigelow; Oscar Gigolo is killing it

This title has absolutely nothing to do with the story – but when you have the opportunity to make a Deuce Bigalow joke, you HAVE to do it.

I’m killing it mustn’t have been the only one who was amazed that this is the first time a female has won an ac award. Surely, Campion muted her way to glory? Perhaps Streisand, in a fluke sympathy vote took it out with the tide?No, it was the former ms Cameron, beating her ex husbands 3D pixie photos and the Tarantula’s own war epic – my personal choice thanks to it’s incred-I-baller cast, premise and execution.

Big props for busting down a huge Oscar elephant in the room and scoring a huge win for women in the creative arts.

I’m also going to completely trivialize her win, by saying she was killing it in the looks dept as well. Ooo-weee



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2 responses to “Kathryn Bigelow; Oscar Gigolo is killing it

  1. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but she’s a mega babe.
    She’s like a hot, older version of Liz Hurley.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie. but – STONE. FOX.

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