Wayne Rooney is killing it

As we speak, the man is treating AC Milan, one of the proudest football clubs on the world like his personal ‘dial-a-gran’ service – scoring twice in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16.

Wayne has been around for a while; so we take his aesthetic for granted, but it bears dwelling on.

look at him… LOOK AT HIM!!!!!

He’s the most English man In the world. Give him a fake Gucci hat and a bum bag and put him in a high street and you’ve got yourself a civil disturbance misdemeanor.

He plays like a goddamned angel though, and I speak for the entire empire when I say we’ll be pleased to see this rough as guts notherner ruffle the feathers of the fancy continental types, snobby scandanavians and cheating South Americans.

Any proud, level headed human must agree.



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5 responses to “Wayne Rooney is killing it

  1. bongo424

    He is killing it at the mo. But can Fabio get a half-way decent England team organised around him? That is the frage.

  2. You know who is killing it? YOU.

    Great post.

    I once knew a welshman who looked like Wayne Rooney which is weird given how damn English he looks.

  3. bongo424

    Could David Beckham possibly buy Manchester United? Think about it.

  4. bongo424

    You seen how much Messi is killing? Here’s a link to his latest hattie – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O-wNKyKaO8 – world cup promises to be bitchin!

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