Rugby League: you are definitely k_ll_ng _t

I think we can all agree what really killed it this weekend. The game of the genius, the brain child of Isaac Newton, Plato and Einstein combined started it’s season once again.

Perfected by Stephen Hawking with the implementation of the 40/20 theory, Rugby League as we know it was displaying it’s full genius infused thoroughbred pedigree this past Friday-Monday – setting us up for a season of big hits and even bigger men.

Lote Tu-killinginit

Rugby league is back – the greatest game of them all has finally ridden us of the tyranny of summer and given us a ‘raison de tuer-le‘ each weekend for the rest of the year.

So many sub plots – Carney, Lote, Souths losing and a controversial turn of events which resulted in a drug gang defeating a team of community activitsts – yet 30 more weeks of this invention to play out.

I turn it over to you now – who is going to kill it most this year?????


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