NCAA Men’s Basketball has come down with a severe case of KILLING IT

OMFG American sports are the best.  As much as I love the Australian codes, there is something about the pomp and circumstance of American spectacle which makes their sports assume another level of hype and excitement.  American men killing it, announcers killing it, cheerleaders, fans, ballers, soldiers – all killing it.

Ohio State's, Evan Turner - is a bad, bad man.

The pinnacle of this, is college sports – a system geared completely toward Cindarella stories, upsets and parochial Southerners going nuts about schools that are based near them, but they could never afford to go to. There is however a special level of killing reserved for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (AKA March Madness) – a 64 team knockout which pits the best and rest against each other with the quest to become the national champion.

The best thing about this is that it’s a knockout. Whether you’ve won every game of the year or only just enough, one loss and you go home. You could have 5 bonafide NBA superstars, but out there, you could be out against slouchy white guys who get hot from three point range and that’s it, you’re going home.

This year’s NCAA Men’s has seen some of the biggest boilovers in recent history – where guys without big time careers ahead of them beat the big boys thanks to fluke, indifference or otherwise. Whatever it is, it’s amazingly amazing – none more so than number one seeded Kansas, 44.1% of American’s tip to win the entire 64 team tournament, losing to Northern Iowa… a nobody in the context of US basketball. Here is the game winner – the child of an Iranian Immigrant drains a three to clinch the win with 20 seconds left.


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