Back to killing it

Hey guys – what’s up? You know what happenned? I was killing it too hard IRL, and on Twitter, so I didn’t have the chance to kill it on the wordpress.

Your loss right? I know, it sucks, but here’s the silver lining… I get to post a whole bunch of ish that has been killing it the last few months and you can binge of the amazing delights – omnomnom. Plus, I have a renewed comittment to killing it… something which can’t be overstated.

Killing it catch-up #1 – Val Kilmer being fat, creepy and absolutely nothing like Batman

Killing it catch up #2 – Blake ‘Muffugn’ Griffin dunking a basketball multiple times very hard

Killing it catch up #3 – Nicholas Cage losing his shit for 4 consecutive minutes (HT: @antontrees)


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