Leslie Nielsen: Forever Killing It

Sometimes things are too sad to make light of, and this is one of those moments. Leslie Nielsen delivered countless laughs, lines and love for Im Killing It over the duration of his career so it’s with a heavy heart that his death has compelled us commemorate his life when we’d much rather be waiting for Naked Gun 4 or Wrongfully Accused 2 to enter production.

Nielsen is face number one on my Mount Rushmore of comedic actors (alongside Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and James Carey) – his ability to turn a naff premise into a slide splitting piece of comedic brilliance, or take otherwise innocuous toilet humor and elevate it into an all time comedy moment was genuinely all time.

Incredibly, an entire Chillean newspaper dedicated their front page to him. In Chile, the Naked Gun is called ¿Y Dónde Está El Policía?

Instead of describing his gags and fine moments to you, it would be much more compelling to leverage the power of the internet to compile these tremendous moments for you below. RIP to one of the Greatest of All Time

Nielsen Killing It 1: I love LA

Nielsen Killing it 2: Lord of the Violin

Nielsen Killing it 3: Bingo


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