Oprah is killing it

This is almost dumb to write, because she kills it so hard. I physically feel more stupid, for writing the bleatingly obvious words, Oprah is Killing it, because it’s wholly possible that in the Southside of Chicago c. 1950, Oprah Winfrey may actually have invented Killing It.

"I'm running shit mother fuckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers"

Oprah kills it ridonkulously hard on a daily basis. She basically just rocks up on TV and makes grown ppl lose their minds in either joy or sorrow, tells ppl which books to read and chills with celebrities – so casual. She’s not married, so you know she’s getting mad play internationally, because she’s rich as god, and she can do whatever she likes. She made an Hermes store in Paris open for her at like 11 at night, because she wanted to buy a scarf. That’s how Oprah do.

And now, she’s in Australia and she’s crushing it. Rolling around with 300 Americans getting her wildlife on, getting her tourist on, running shit – front page of the papers, national news TV etc – just for showing up.

Let’s take a quick look at Oprah killing it:

Watch Oprah send an audience out of their minds for 3 straight minutes.

Here’s Oprah getting the president elected – that’s whats up

And just cos I love the man, here’s an audience going nuts for Tom Cruise



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7 responses to “Oprah is killing it

  1. Bongo424

    I tell you who’s killing it even more than Oprah: the Big O’s audience. These ladies get a free trip to Australia, get feted like celebrities once here, and just get to lose their shit across the continent. I wish Tourism Australia had some brains and billeted them out. How good would it be to have an Oprah fan in the spare room?!

    • James Wright

      Imagine having your very own Oprah audience member in your house. You could give them a serve of Bircher and a glass of OJ they’d lose their shit for days.

      Bongo, I really like your comments.

  2. Bongo424

    There’s probably a market in hiring out Oprah audience members. It’d be great to have a Seattle mother of two in train for the day, madly popping every time you say “John Travoltaaaaaaa!”.

  3. Bongo424

    Imagine hooking up with one of Oprah’s audience… Bongo424 can only dream.

  4. James Wright

    Hey Bong0 – give us a lift to Canberra tonight?

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