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Kevin Costner Was Killing It

Sometimes people kill it for a long period of time, and it’s wholly inconceivable that they would one day stop killing it. It’s a sad reality of the world we live in. Sustained ability to slay on the regular doesn’t come easy… and the descent from killing it, to manslaughtering it, to maiming it, to injuring it, is a long, arduous and extremely confronting journey.

"I used to fucking slay it"

Movies are great – because they stay around forever like luggage or herpes. They’re also a telling window into the bygone eras of humans once killing it who no longer kill it. You could say a lot of people fall into this boat, but none more so, than one of my favourites – Kevin Costner.

Man, I fucking love Kevin Costner movies. 80’s Costner. 90’s Costner. He went in. He went in hard. He made a 4.5 hour movie about wolves, and got his Oscar on. That’s killing it, of the highest degree.

Let’s look at some of Costner’s classics firstly.

Prince of Thieves – Enjoy this montage of Costner killing it set to Bryan Adams’ inimitable #1 smash, Everything I do, I do it for you. 

Field of Dreams – He builds a fucking baseball field and goes back in time… killing it.

"I brought Ray Liotta out of the corn!"

Bodyguard – saving Whitney Houston’s smacked out ass from death…

I think you’re getting the picture, and I didn’t even mess with JFK or the Untouchables.

And then… it all went away. Some blame Water World. Some blame the powers that be not exactly loving the lid being blown off the JFK face. I just blame the eternal cycle of killing it, which surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

Regardless of the reason, Costner has had scant few moments of amazingness since his killer 80’s / early 90’s run of insanity… aside from the incredible, For Love of the Game which is the movie of the decade, every decade. Here are some great moments of Costner killing it, just so we can all recognise how much of a GOAT he once was.


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Leslie Nielsen: Forever Killing It

Sometimes things are too sad to make light of, and this is one of those moments. Leslie Nielsen delivered countless laughs, lines and love for Im Killing It over the duration of his career so it’s with a heavy heart that his death has compelled us commemorate his life when we’d much rather be waiting for Naked Gun 4 or Wrongfully Accused 2 to enter production.

Nielsen is face number one on my Mount Rushmore of comedic actors (alongside Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and James Carey) – his ability to turn a naff premise into a slide splitting piece of comedic brilliance, or take otherwise innocuous toilet humor and elevate it into an all time comedy moment was genuinely all time.

Incredibly, an entire Chillean newspaper dedicated their front page to him. In Chile, the Naked Gun is called ¿Y Dónde Está El Policía?

Instead of describing his gags and fine moments to you, it would be much more compelling to leverage the power of the internet to compile these tremendous moments for you below. RIP to one of the Greatest of All Time

Nielsen Killing It 1: I love LA

Nielsen Killing it 2: Lord of the Violin

Nielsen Killing it 3: Bingo

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Kathryn Bigelow; Oscar Gigolo is killing it

This title has absolutely nothing to do with the story – but when you have the opportunity to make a Deuce Bigalow joke, you HAVE to do it.

I’m killing it mustn’t have been the only one who was amazed that this is the first time a female has won an ac award. Surely, Campion muted her way to glory? Perhaps Streisand, in a fluke sympathy vote took it out with the tide?No, it was the former ms Cameron, beating her ex husbands 3D pixie photos and the Tarantula’s own war epic – my personal choice thanks to it’s incred-I-baller cast, premise and execution.

Big props for busting down a huge Oscar elephant in the room and scoring a huge win for women in the creative arts.

I’m also going to completely trivialize her win, by saying she was killing it in the looks dept as well. Ooo-weee


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District 9 is keelinneeeeet

Sometimes you watch a movie that you’re rooting for it to kill it, but it doesn’t – it’s one of the worst things that can happen to a man.

There you are, all ready to flip out because you love a particular actor or director or premise, and it’s just total balls – like anything starring Rob-D or Al-PAC in the last 20 years.

South African Nerds Interrogating Aliens - OMFG YEH

Luckily, I had no such issue when I taxed a Blu-ray from blu-ray’s equivalent of Prop Joe, Ennis Toupein on Saturday night – District 9 is killing it so hard we should almost lock it up.

It’s a scientific impossibilty to be bad when you’re a movie about aliens set in a South African slum. The opressed aliens and mockumentary style are so well integrated that you genuinely suspend disbelief in the first 30 seconds and let the film take you for a ride all the way down to killing it junction – population me.

But most importantly, reluctant hero Wickas van der werde is one of the best characters in recent history – a nerdy south-african pencil pusher with an alien arm – WHAT WHAT?!,!?

9/10 killing its


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