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District 9 is keelinneeeeet

Sometimes you watch a movie that you’re rooting for it to kill it, but it doesn’t – it’s one of the worst things that can happen to a man.

There you are, all ready to flip out because you love a particular actor or director or premise, and it’s just total balls – like anything starring Rob-D or Al-PAC in the last 20 years.

South African Nerds Interrogating Aliens - OMFG YEH

Luckily, I had no such issue when I taxed a Blu-ray from blu-ray’s equivalent of Prop Joe, Ennis Toupein on Saturday night – District 9 is killing it so hard we should almost lock it up.

It’s a scientific impossibilty to be bad when you’re a movie about aliens set in a South African slum. The opressed aliens and mockumentary style are so well integrated that you genuinely suspend disbelief in the first 30 seconds and let the film take you for a ride all the way down to killing it junction – population me.

But most importantly, reluctant hero Wickas van der werde is one of the best characters in recent history – a nerdy south-african pencil pusher with an alien arm – WHAT WHAT?!,!?

9/10 killing its



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